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5 Steps to Start Your Personal Financial Planning

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

There are 5 important steps in financial planning that will remain important throughout the process.

1.Organize your current financial condition. This means that you have to organize everything related to your financial condition such as managing your earning, your expense, living costs, amount of debts, mortgage and managing your assets. The knowledge of your current financial condition will help a person to decide which needs to choose according to its priority.

2. Defining Your Financial Plan. This is the next crucial step where you must set a goal of your financial planning activity. Write down your dream for example you want to go on a vacation to Europe, or you want to buy a car. This is just example but the most important thing is you must write down a goal that is realistic, specific, and measurable so it will be clear when you can achieve it.

3. Identifying alternative ways to reach your goal. There ways to do it such as choosing a proper investment method.

4. Creating and implementing your financial plan. This act should be done after you set your financial goals and an example of implementing your financial plan is doing action such as saving money every month, buying gold and etc.

5. Evaluating your financial plan. If there is something misleading in your financial planning then you must revise it as soon as possible, for an example if you do a wrong step in investing you have to change it as soon as possible.

If we think again about financial planning, it is not so complicated. The process of financial planning is actually a journey of someone from one starting point to an end point. We could use any kind of vehicle to reach the end point and the way people travel could be different from each other. The journey could differ in terms of speed, methods and even the path people choose. Of course the faster we reach our destination, the better, but we should reach our destination as safe as possible.

So by now you understand that financial planning is important in reaching your goals. So why wait longer? Let’s plan our finance now.

As a conclusion there are 3 great remarks in financial planning.

1. Create a financial goal that is realistic. Reassure yourself that reaching your goal is possible.

2. Balance inflation by searching alternative ways in earning money. Invest your time and money on products that could overcome inflation.

3. Plan your financial condition without suffering because planning your finance doesn’t mean you have to lose fun things in life.

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